• Test API doesn’t work

    • Make sure to click Authorize button.
      For api-key: TEST-HEIMKAUP
      For session-id, load www.heimkaup.is, login using your username and password. Find your current session id in the browser.

  • Slug

    • slug is the url on heimkaup. If you get “slug”:”samsung”, that means that https://www.heimkaup.is/samsung is going to be valid url

  • Product search

    • Here is the simplest version of a working search, it searches for the word “tomato

      { "query": "tomato", "include_filters": false, "use_after_search_navigation": false }

  • Errors

    • 400 - Bad Request. It means that your request is not valid and we can’t process it. Error string is given.

    • 422 - Validation error. Some input is not valid for the request. It should give you information what what parameters are wrong.