Heimkaup REST API

Play with our API and make fun stuff


Use our REST API to develop your own application

With the Heimkaup REST API you can do all the things that our website can do. We use the API to build Search for products, view product details, get categories, retrieve all the tags and add to users basket.

Everything in JSON format so it’s easy to read, both for humans and computer, enabling you to do what ever you can imagine

This is an early edition of this api documenation. We are missing a lot of information. So when you start, there will be many questions that are not answered here, so we need your help to make this website better.




Need help or info, no problem, just send us an email

Getting Started

  1. First step is to read over the API information below and get familiar with it.

  2. Try our API for your self. You don’t need API key to play with it.

  3. Do you like what you can do? Get you API key here.

  4. Check out the FAQ for the most common questions. If it´s not there, email us.

API information

  • /article

    • Retrieves articles from our database, such as About Heimkaup and such.

  • /banner

    • Retrieves the front page banner that is running on our website. This a promotional banner that highlights some specific area of our website or offers that are going on

  • /category

    • Get list of all of our categories by parent id or detailed information about the category

  • /checkout

    • This gives you basic checkout information. What shipping method, payment method, address and when the order is expected to be shipped.

  • /faq

    • Frequent asked questions. Lists out all our FAQ in the database.

  • /notification

    • This is notification we display to users when there is something very important to communicate with them, such as “We cannot driver in postcode 101 because of Culture night”. We almost never use this, but when we do, it’s important.

  • /order

    • Creates order in system from existing checkout. On checkout and in shopping cart we have all required data that is needed for order to be created. Make sure that in checkout you've set correct shipping method with correct address and delivery date, payment method and gift wrapping is added if needed and coupons are applied as well if you have them. This method checks all that data and creates order from it so no data is required except for CVC if user is paying with credit cart because we're not allowed to store that data.

  • /product

    • Get product details. Search for a products. Get information about the variant of a product, write a review on the product (you must have bought the product). Retrieve all the reviews for a product.

  • /search

    • Get search suggestions from the search engine

  • /service-desk

    • See when what is open at the service desk or request for us to call you

  • /shopping-cart

    • Retrieve everything from the shopping cart, add products into it, update the quantity, remove items or clear it.

  • /tag

    • Get tag information, the name of it, banner image, the type of it. If it´s a brand, then you have the logo here.

  • /checkout

    • Get and set everything about the checkout. What shipping method do you want, set what date you want the order, you want to gift wrap in the order it´s not a problem, select the address of where the order should be delivered.

  • /user

    • Retrieve the users address, change them or remove addresses, register a user. Search for orders that the user has made, get details of those order or get current active orders and see where they are located in our warehouse or where the driver is. Get user profile information.

    • Log in or logout are possible and are meant for development purposes only, not production. As it is today, a 3rd party would have access to username and password of users when he logs in. This is not acceptable. When we have our first interest in using the login we will implement OAuth. So while you are developing, you can still login user and do all the actions that a user can do.

What’s next

Play with the API?

Check out the FAQ

Demo app

You can view a demo app that uses the Heimkaup API search. The result are visible at

Source code can be found on